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released September 20, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Show
My whole life is a circus
Seems I'm always hangin from the ferris wheel
Sleeping in the lion's cage like it's no big deal
And if you wanna know why I still do it
It's the only life I know
The only place I ever go is to the show

Five shows in a week, two of them paid
Last night somebody broke my last pair of shades
And when the light hits my eyes, it ain't no surprise that I'm hurting
That's when I do believe it's time for me to blaze

Sometimes I feel the roar of the crowd
Sometimes I feel alone
Sometimes I feel like I want to give up
But most the time it feels like home

"Hurry up and wait" is the name of the game
Sometimes you wait til you forget just why you came
and at the end of the night, you hope there's no fight over money
You're happy when you can sleep without the shame
Track Name: Billy The Bonecrusher
Another Firday passed me by and I couldn't find a job
Seemed I had nothin better to do than to go out and join the mob
Sammy the Shark said, "What's your name?"
I said, "It's William Malone."
He said, "That ain't no kind of gangster name, from now on you're 'Billy Bones'."

Billy the Boncrusher, that's my name.

My first job was smalltime, collect from the high school coach
Who'd bet against his own Bulldogs with a thousand dollar note
But much to the coach's dismay, his Bulldogs covered the spread
And when he said that could not pay, I started with his head

Baseball bat to the ribcage, brass knuckles to his jaw
And I just left him laying there with a jar of apple sauce…I'm a pretty good guy

I'm Billy the Bonecrusher, that's my name

I headed down to Maine Street to collect from Father James
Who said God was always on his side when he bet on Notre Dame
But the luck ran out and I had to collect the money from his offering tray
And when showed up five grand short, we both began to pray

Me, I prayed for forgiveness. Father Jones prayed for his life.
And I have to say, I felt sorry for him
so I only hit him twice…I'm a pretty good guy

I'm Billy the Bonecrusher, that's my name
Track Name: All I Wanna Do
Alll I wanna do is have fun tonight
but all you wanna do is fight
Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it
Trying to prove you're right

We could make amends
we could be best friends
If you'd only see the light
All I wanna do is have fun with you
All you wanna do is fight

I got me a momma and I got me a wife
I don't need to hear your bitching too
I see you brought your crazy
But you done forgot your glue
And it's rochambeau under the mistletoe
Because you'd rather battle me than kiss
But if you keep on acting ugly
Think of all the good times you're gonna miss
Track Name: She Don't Say No
She don't say no, she says "hell yes"
She's down for the cause, and she's the best
She don't say no, she wants more, more, more
She'll take everything that you got, and walk right out the door
She don't say no

Now I got a girl with a heart of gold
Just one problem, she don't say no
She's a mighty fine lady, she got the whistles and bells
But every time I turn around, she's with someone else
She don't say no

Now when you get her on the sofa, you know you're halfway there
You don't have to ask her, you know she does not care
She don't say no
Track Name: Anchorman
Can't you see? It's you and me
We're the weird ones, it ain't them
It ain't them, it's you and me.
So why, why, why do we try to lie to ourselves
I guess it's cause we can't handle the truth

And we wouldn't know what to do if someone told us
It's been so long since we've tried
To come up with an idea or opinion of our own
Let alone seek the truth behind the lies

So why believe the anchorman
After all, he's just a man with a job to do
And we let 'em get away with anything they want to say
Let 'em get away with murder when the price is right

Can't you see? It's you and me.
We're the weird ones, it ain't them
It ain't them it's you and me
Track Name: Another Story
I saw you but I didn't say hi
I told myself that I wouldn't cry
But seeing you here tonight is another story

And now I'm watching you dance with him
And I'm feeling that old pain again
It's feels like it's never gonna end
But that's another story

Just another story, you don't want to hear
Just another nothing, in and out of your ear
You've heard it all before, you'd rather finish your beer
I'm just another story that you don't want to hear

Now you seem to be having lots of fun
And you've been selling it off by the ton
Me, I'm not havin none, but that's another story

And it's sad that we couldn't agree
And it's sad that I still can't see
But you don't need to worry bout me
I'm just another story
Track Name: Complicated
You take my love and you put it right back on the shelf
It seems the only one you love these days is yourself
And who could blame you? You look so good all the time
But when it comes to love, you ain't worth a dime

And it's around and around we go
We could do this all night
It seems no matter how hard we try
We just can't get it right
And sometimes I feel like I'm invisible to you
You say you love me, but I'm not sure that's true

But I don't want to argue, I don't want to fight
I just want to love you with all of my might

Why you makin love complicated? It should be easy
Track Name: Pretty Hard To See
If you really love me then why don't you say so
Cause it's getting pretty hard to see
You threw mud in my eyes and wore a cheap disguise
And things don't look too good for me

You've been dragging my heart around
You're showing it off for all the world to see
You don't care who you're hurting
Cause, after all, it's only me

We'll let bygones be bygones, the fighting will cease
That's all for the birds and the bees
If you really love me then why don't you say so
Cause it's getting pretty hard to see
Track Name: Morning Glories
Flowers bloom in the morning
Sometimes I feel better at night
It don't take much to please me
When you're standing by my side
And we're walking hand in hand
Just a woman and a man
And I can't believe that I found you
In this dried up wasted land

Day by day, we along this crowded street of dreams
You and I will be just fine, we'll kill all the machines
And we'll count the stars above, watch the mating of the dove
and we'll contemplate the meaning of a word that you call "love"

Love is power
Track Name: Sundays
I really don't mind your nappy hair, the dirt under your nails
I don't even mind the lies you tell, you tell them all so well
But you have a secret you're not too proud of and you ain't talkin

Remember the time when we got drunk and beat up my front door
The police came, we laughed out loud, they threw us on the floor
And you lost your glasses in the drunk tank, you said somebody smashed them

Remember the time we got high and cut off all our hair
Purposely, we missed a spot so everyone would stare
But you had a problem with a stranger, you're not too fond of em

I don't know about you, but I think it's time we try
To just let go of petty bullshit and try to live before we die

Let's take down a bottle and we'll burn one to the floor
Tomorrow we won't go to work, we won't go to work no more

That's what Sundays are for
Track Name: Purgatory
Purgatory, baby, Purgatory, baby
That's where I want to go
Heaven won't have me, and the devil don't like me--I know
Heaven's too cozy, Hell finally froze over--it's cold
Purgatory, baby, Purgatory, baby
That's where I want to go

Hendrix and Lennon, they got hotels in Heaven
The Ramones have their thrones in Hell
But me, I'm just chillin in my lazy boy cuz I know that it's sex that sells

I want to be the ghost with the most
I want to be the ghost with the most toast